Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In which I have a research tower

Welcome to che rani, my corporation's shiny new research tower:

The numbers for this turned out to be favorable -- approximately a 60% increase in profits over using NPC stations.

It was a reader, once again, who pushed me into finally giving this a try. He and/or she was also the one who joined my corp to provide the standings, which is pretty chill.

Newai, the upshot of this is that I now have 45 personal material research slots (and 45 PE slots) with no wait times, which also run faster than NPC slots. I also no longer have to move blueprints through lowsec, faction warfare, and gatecamps; my research-replacement-ship-blueprints project will finish substantially faster; and I will spent a lot less time autopiloting back and forth to frick'n kourmonen.

45 slots is somewhat less than the 66 research jobs my characters can install, but I figure about a third of the research time will be spent on time efficiency research, so things should just about work out.

Helpful hint: Kourmonen has 100-125 research slots (depending on FW level), and I have 65 jobs running there. If you're looking to do research in an NPC station, that might be the place to go, seeing as how the wait times are going to drop substantially over the next few months.


  1. Anchor some defenses (ECM, sensor damps, couple guns, couple disruptors); you can online them if someone wardecs you. And it will help deter from possible wardecs.

    I had one declaration on one my unused empty tower before; after I anchored a bit of ECM and guns, they got pretty much spooked :)

    Also make sure to keep BPOs in office and use remote research!

  2. Hey! I do my research on my own POS(es) in lowsec for about a year now. Even with only a small tower with labs only and no defenses, I've never been attacked or threatened.
    I once set up a Large tower which i outfit with some guns and EMC, but it's such a tedious task I never did that again :S

    As long as you do not give anyone a reason to attack you (eg. place your research-POS on a Tech-Moon :P), noone will bother you.

    Logistics is no Problem as long as you choose a system not too far from hi-sec. Simply use a blockade runner (eg. Viator) to get in and out (a complete refuel of the POS can be done in 4 trips). As there are no Bubbles in LowSec, it's almost impossible to get caught. (I only once almost lost a ship because i fell asleep while still sitting on the gate :P )

    Keeping your BPs in the office should be obvious, if you put them in the tower you DESERVE to get your tower nuked :P

    To be extra sure i limit the number of runs so that the job only lasts a couple of days. So when i get attacked and have to offline my labs, the loss of time (the BP's will revert to their initial ME/PE levels) is smaller.

    Initially I planned to place a POS in HiSec asap. However, I got bored grinding standing, but I didn't want to invest the ISKies for a pre-made corp.

    1. Unless you want to build capitals in POS AND are in large enough alliance to fend off attackers, there is no reason whatsoever to put a POS in low-sec.

      Actually grinding standings to 0.5 (for 0.5 systems) is not that bad; cosmos missions and data center agents give huge boosts. Other than that, if you can afford POS, you should definitely be able to afford 150mil or so (current going rate) for standings boost service.

    2. There is a reason: Convinience :P
      I'm to lazy to grind the standing, but i want to be able to take the tower down when i don't need it without having to pay 150mil again ^^

      But on the other hand I'm just a small scale industrialist :)

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