Saturday, February 2, 2013

January monthly financial report

"Super rich" edition.

A year or so back, when my net worth was somewhat lower than it is today, I decided to assign a precise isk value above which one is part of the "super rich". The number I came up with was 300 billion, that being enough to buy a titan, and then replace it, and still have a titan's worth left over.

Conveniently, this method can also be used to deliniate other wealth levels: Three supercarriers run 75 billion, or "very rich"; three dreadnaughts are 9 billion, "wealthy."

Anyway, this month I passed the 300 billion mark (not counting e.g. characters and implants, obviously). So, huzzah or whatever.

I guess the next major goal is 1 trillion, but I expect to hang out around 300 for a year or so as there are some purchases I want to make. Getting to a trillion would take something like five years at this rate anyway.

In actual financial report news, this was another very bad month for capital sales but I had a bunch of blueprints come out of research and make up for it. Unfortunately, I will not be producing this many per month in the long run; closer to 13-ish.


  1. Nice spreadsheet! Gratz on 300 B ISK.

    I'm far from that so i'm in the super poor department still with my high double digit B ISK. Getting to 300 be a very stretch goal. I'd just settle for getting to 100 B soon. And I don't even have a quite goal to try to even get there. I'm in a bit of drift mode at the moment.

  2. Since it seems your main business is BPO research now, you could save a lot of time getting a POS, 0.75x research time multiplier.

    Put Caldari large one in high-sec, some rudimentary defenses and labs, fuel for 30 days is ~360mil. BPOs in station office in same system = zero risk. There is extremely low probability anyone will bother killing it, and the most you lose is your POS plus some research time.

    1. It's something I've considered, and I would probably go for it if I could. Unfortunately, the standings issue makes things unreasonably difficult -- standings services where somebody joins the corp won't work unless I drop all my characters, which means completely shutting down production (which would take months). I could grind faction standings for one character and temporarily drop the other 5, but I don't have real-life time for the grinding right now.

      Like mineral compression used to be, it's something I would like to do and will probably get around to eventually.

  3. It isn't as bad.

    1) If your alt never done any missions and doesn't have any standing with faction, it won't be counted to average (remember it's unmodified average). I assume most of your 6 chars should not have standings.

    2) Standings raising rule: it takes 7 downtimes to update the standings for new character joined, however it only takes next DT to update after characters leave.

    3) When you figure out which alts go and which stay, pay for corp standing service, leave him be for 7 days (no director roles = can't see anything you do anyway). Before 8th DT, kick your alts out (make sure to wait out 24h roles removal period) and immediately after DT accept back. Your corp standings will be correct for whole 7 days, plenty of time to anchor POS.

    Total downtime - ~30h or so.

    In theory I could even do it for you as my main has +7 caldari standings and I am on semi-break from game.

    1. Most of them have actually been around for a while, but two have no standings to anything. This could be workable, and eyeballing the math a tower would increase monthly research profits by 60%. This would still total much less than 9 billion during an average month, but the increase more than makes up for the fuel costs.

      Do you have any standings to carthum conglomorate?

    2. Yes but what about the isk/time at keyboard with the addition of setting up and fueling the pos?

      I'm always wondering how the BPO research busines for Capital BPOs doesn't reach a saturation point.

    3. Hnng, busy.

      Up for it? If so, put in an application to 'reib autonomous industries'. I think the usual fee for standings services is 100m.

    4. I think the going rate is 150mil. Not that it will add much to my 100b :)

      Will drop the roles first.

    5. Re: Gyasi.

      I'm guessing the fact it isn't saturated is due to several factors:

      -Most people don't have enough isk to buy capital blueprints.
      -Most of the ones who do haven't run the numbers.
      -Most of the ones who have run the numbers go with more profitable investments.

      Capital blueprint research doesn't actually have a great monthly return - you'll get much more from trading - plus, you can only invest about 15b per character, severely limiting scalability.

      The reason it's a good fit for me is that I have accounts full of characters and a strong tendency to optimize for isk per effort rather than raw income.

  4. Just found your blog - very interesting reading!