Saturday, March 30, 2013

I wasn't even carrying anything...

...and I came back from afk with 69% shields and kill rights on 19 people.

My fit has some faction and A-type mods on it, but they're only worth about 700m.

EDIT 2013-3-31: Context -- apparently this was a Brave Newbies for-luls op, which is p. chill~


  1. Hilarious! So no one used either a ship scanner or a cargo scan. They thought some idiot was auto-piloting a 2 bil Tengu with only active hardeners and SB with no tank. Seems they would have learned after about the 3rd ships close encounter with Concord. Well...BTW, I noticed the freighters were red as well. Did you flag the whole corp or alliance as "terrible" and take the screen shot. Freighters can't target or shoot, so couldn't think of another reason they would be red.

    1. I have the background for "no standing" set to red, just so that players are highlighted immediately.

  2. Got it. I do the same, but with light gray. TY.

  3. I really don't see how someone would take a chance on a T3 without sip scanning it.
    Guess the next thing on your tengu is a salvager.