Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trade profit tool (very beta)

Since I needed a tool to tell me if trade is actually making money, I started working on one. What I've made so far is something that takes these transactions:

And returns this output:

Which are correct*.

If I delete the database and re-run it, it initializes correctly.

If I then run it with only the first two transactions, it returns correct values (0 on market, -0.02 profits).

If I then run it with the next two transactions, it returns correct values as you see above.

These don't quite add up to it definitely working correctly, but they are encouraging signs. I'll plan to give it a real test run soon(tm).

*It took longer than I would have liked to be sure about this.


  1. Get Eve HQ
    Enter your API key
    Select Prism add-on
    Download API data
    Click on Prism reports
    Select transaction trading report

  2. I see you are using Python (or I assume so from the .py extension). Which API module are you using? I just started playing with the one called evelink ( and I really like it so far -- definitely pull the newest stuff with git though, the 0.2.0 version is borked.

  3. Is it possible to get this tool for private use ?

    1. It is pity.

      Your blog gave me the way of trader, from miner I moved to trading (and next thing will be manufacturing). I read you lost interest in Eve, this will happen with any game, this is a matter of time. Anyway, hope to read your new articles soon !