Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winning eve

I'm starting to do it. The joke, of course, being that you win by not logging in.

The problem I'm having is that fun does not scale with income. Six zeroes, nine zeroes, eleven zeroes, doesn't matter. I have more money than I could ever possibly need, and it's not doing anything for me.

Right now I'm scaling down science-industry-trade because I don't really care. There are a few things I want to try to maybe get me re-engaged with the game, so I'll keep the interwebs posted.


  1. ZOMG. Can I haz yur stuffs? I only need about 10 billion iskies to execute my master plan. Send to Druthat. I will luv you like tomorrow iz no day or sumting!

  2. You could always do side projects, like Operation Stock Barleguet.

    But generally, when you get to that level of isk, you start going big or you go meta. Stop producing ad-hoc and start producing in batches for large alliances (I hear TEST needs a lot of carriers :)

    Or outsource the actual production so you don't have to login so grindily. Then, use your time for amusing acts of philanthropy: donate to the Angel Project, but put humourous caveats to the prizes:

    "This PLEX is donated on the proviso that you hold a competition for the best Amarrian cosplay"

    "For the month of November, anyone who loses a mining barge gets a replacement. Anyone who kills a mining barge gets a free Catalyst." etc.

    Or you could just join RvB and fight with a PLEX in the cargohold :)

  3. Sad news. I really enjoyed your blog.
    Since a few years I wanted to build capitals but never had enough ISK to start.
    Your blog (especially the guide for low startup capital) gave me the guts to try capital production.
    While struggling to generate some income with carrier production (buying the missing part bpcs eats most of my margin) I checked your blog every day for new financial reports, stories and guides.

    I hope you get re-engaged with the game and your blog carry me further through the startup of capital construction and heavy industry.
    Fly safe and get your entertainment back,

    Orilt Ilunia

  4. I quit couple months ago for the same reasons as written in your post :)

    It's surprising you lasted so long. Pure grind is exhaustable, one must have some tangible goal at the end. More zeros is not tangible goal ;)

    Though I don't think you will be able to enjoy EVE again as much fun as you did before, as you already 'won' the game, done almost everything there is to do. Good luck!

    1. Yeah. I avoided burnout for a long time by reducing my play to things that required minutes per week, but in the end it didn't work.

      Burnout has happened before and I've always come back, though usually there was something to come back to. Right now I'm "back", but I don't expect it to last long. Got a few things planned for maybe next summer though.

  5. thanks a lot for sharing with us. i got started in capital production a long time ago and i just recently restarted. i always enjoyed reading your blog.

    my volume is nowhere near what you have, but i'm actually enjoying myself :)

  6. Before you leave you should totally do a windows tutorial on your inventory management program :)

  7. Good for you!

    Like others, I have enjoyed and been inspired by your blog...

    I hope you can find something that rekinldes the Eve fires so-to-speak...

  8. Your blog has been the inspiration, and starting point for me to start building capital ships. I think the post above me about going big is true. Personally i just want to be able to fund my pvp with my capital ship making. I always though tho if i had all your isk what would i do with it?

    You could change the course of any war in eve you wanted to. :)

    o7 - hope you find fun.

  9. Can I have your stuff? :-)

    Seriously, why don't you hold some kind of events where you'll get rid of some of your stuff while building up a community around the thing?

    1. I have an idea for a possible future project along these lines.

  10. Coradendra JhalavarAugust 3, 2013 at 4:03 AM

    Do what so many others have done before: Take a break and play/do something else. Chances are high, you'll want to come back to eve one day :) I should know, I've been there twice ^^

  11. You inspired me to setup my own operation, building capitals like a boss just like you showed us and its working out well, I'm limited only by my growth per 15 days as to what I can do, if I'm patient eventually ill have everything I need and its all because you gave me the mental tools I needed to make it happen, thank you.

    - Jiao Yuan

    1. Cool. I knew half a dozen or so people had started because of those posts, but you're the first one I know of who didn't do half measures.

  12. You helped me get started on my very...very...modest Archon production setup. I am mining most of my own minerals and buying the Mega/Zyd and its been fun! Thanks to you for helping show me the way.

    Now I just need to get those capital parts/ship BPOs but I just can't come up with all the isk. If your looking for a good home for a little chunk of that isk send it my way!

  13. Come and join the bastards and blow shit up in lowsec always good fun yarr

  14. Hi.. I just recently found this page and I have really really enjoyed reading your posts.. I am a rather new player compared to others, but I am very dedicated and I always go all the way when I do something.
    My oldes character is now alomost ready for his first birthday :)
    There was one interesting comment in an earlier post in this thread about inventory. At this time I have 6 active accounts that has sort of different main roles,
    - 3 miners/indy toons
    - 1 science/loki pilot
    - 1 hauler/orca/booster
    - 1 pve/pvp guy
    Working these characters together gives me the isk I need to plex my accounts.
    Spending lots of time planning and trying to be effective sort of pays off, I loot and salvage every single wreck and if I see ore in a mission pocket I mine it. Reading between the lines I am sure you know where this is headed.. I have A LOT of stuff...

    - How do you manage your inventory??

    1. I don't actually have a lot of stuff, so I probably can't help you much. Everything I buy I later sell (though perhaps in a different form), so items don't build up. If I end up with an item I don't actually use, I sell it. There are some items I don't use and also don't want to sell, and those go in station container in Jita.

      If you're interested in item management, station containers and corporate hangars are useful for sorting items into categories.