Saturday, March 22, 2014

Refining and compression changes


What this means for me is that I have to use compressed ore instead 425mm railguns to get minerals to my manufacturing station. There's too little ore on the market right now for this, but hopefully that will change after the patch.

Calculating the ores I need to produce a particular quantity of minerals is going to be a PITA, but I can probably do it with a spreadsheet.

I'm going to need a lowsec reprocessing tower. Can probably use a small and leave it offline when it's not in use.

Also, lowsec manufacturers can build for less than highsec manufacturers, and nullsec manufacturers can build for less than lowsec manufacturers. This could be a problem for me if somebody builds capitals in null and exports them to high. Doing that would be quite a lot of work, though, so hopefully it won't force me to shut down or anything.


  1. I was worried about that, people saying that profits will be lower than nullsec. I hope it does not hurt ur production a lot

  2. I'm no where near capital production just t2 cruisers and BS I might use my tower to compress ore when I'm not researching BP's. I really hope that most miners will just sell the ore now that they won't get perfect refine so easy.

  3. I expect that the sale of compressed ore will become a substantial market. As Dan says, with perfect refining being very hard to get, more miners will be moving and selling ore. Many of them will compress it too. (Certainly very few people who mine outside of highsec will not compress.) Also, if the price spread between ore and compressed ore is more than a few percentage points, people will go into business buying ore and compressing it. As such, I doubt it will be worthwhile for you compress ore yourself.

  4. Join a renting alliance in a nice fat pocket in null sec with a refining and produciton station, and make the cheapest capitals in the game. Not at ALL trying to push renting from a particuliar bloc, just saying thats the way to the best margins of tomorrow. Maybe the difference will not be justify the margin gains/loss, but maybe it will?

    Team up with a hardcore mining/refining corp that will join you in Null and supply you with the ore/minerals to keep the production lines churning.

    Renting alliances are pretty much just indy corps that need to be seperated from their PVP alliance mates. In the past the indy corps would be in the same alliance and either pay alliance dues or provide ships for the pvp wing. Now the blocs have just found it easier and more efficent for both parties to have those pvp/indy corps in a seperate alliance and pay monthy rent (aka dues) to the pvp alliance in return for protection and sov.

    Its quite a popular method and in turn must be effective.

    Just saying it might be worth it to investigate the option to both sustain and maybe even grow the business.

    1. Just on renting. The cost would be prohibitive for a small scale producer and you would not be able to make any profit once the cost of actually renting the system (which are over a billion isk per month as a starting point - more with a station in system) and logistics to and from high sec had been factored in. Secondly even the most hardcore of individual mining corps are usually unable to meet the on-going demand of even the smallest capital producer at Jita buy price. The sheer volume and price of mineral/ore in high sec makes it the only viable place to buy for capital production and will probably remain so after the expansion.

      The key issue is whether the margins for low sec producers will remain profitable or whether null sec bloc will just dominate the market as they have done with moon products.

      The key issue is how the null sec capital producer will adapt to the changes and whether they will try and price low sec producers out of teh market. I have a feeling that this may happen over time but gradually