Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An hold

Mineral prices are up about 5%, while ship prices have continued to fall. This is bad news for my margins. I've put a hold on both buying minerals and selling ships until they stabilize, because there are two possible explanations.

One: The increase in mineral prices is due to increased demand because of B-R. In this case, it will take prices long enough to subside that ship prices will rise to meet mineral prices in the meantime. In this case I should keep buying minerals, but put a hold on sales until prices rise.

Two: The increase in mineral prices is speculation in advance of the refining changes. In this case mineral prices will subside before hull prices can rise to meet them, and I should keep selling hulls but put a hold on buying minerals.


  1. Not B-R imo and more about speculation. B-R was months ago and even the CCP sheets showed prices stable weeks after the event.

    It may be more realistic that demend for capital ships is down because no real active wars. Plus buyers might have little pressure to get a carrier/dread because of the low pvp happening in Sov space, AND the speculation of the drone changes that will directly impact carriers & motherships.

    The interesting one for me is the dread prices falling also. Again could be both low demand and low war activity.

    Seeing dreads at or under 2b now.

    Capital producers seem to have meet demand and prices are falling to keep the cash flow moving.

  2. I second what Creda said, with the following addition: If there was a post B-R boom to replace those lost ships, then capital ship prices would be rising. Don't forget that a really easy way to make an Aeon is to recycle 9 Archons (for example).

    Right now there just isn't a super high demand. I was considering restarting capital production, but I have decided to keep it on ice. In fact, instead of building an Archon for personal use, I just bought one from the market. I wanted one and it wasn't worth the hassle and time delay for the savings (build vs buy).

  3. We've also noticed shrinking profits and have halted production. I really haven't figured out if we're going to continue in capital production or move on to something else. I'm waiting to see what gets announced at Fanfest.