Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trade contributor: September 2014

I figured out a few new modules which could possibly sell, restocked the market with t1 frigates, and managed to lose my machariel (however, this ship has made me enough kills to pay itself off, so I consider it should be cool).

Both of the station parasites from the last two months are pretty much dead. I decreased profits on some of my modules almost to Jita price, dropping my market estimate by about 1,5-2 bil, which I think is the reason my margins were down. Poor animals didn't have any ISK to eat, so they starved to death. Also I did manage to get my market estimate towards 90 bil.

Nullsec brings me little advantage on customs offices. I use a combination of interbus and player owned customs offices and make something like 7-8 mil per planet per 3 day cycle. It should make something like 300 mil per character once I get my planet managment skills 5/5/5/5.

Parasoja's notes:

Funny story -- on the 5th of November, EVE exceeded 10 billion journal transactions. This broke my program.

The reason it did this is because I didn't convert the journal transaction IDs to integers before sorting the list. If you sort an integer, it sorts smaller numbers first. If you sort a string, it sorts numbers that start with 1 before numbers that start with 9.

Anyhoo, with the competitors disappearing sales and profits are up even though margins are down. Interested to see what happens next month.

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