Saturday, November 8, 2014

Industry Contributor: October Report


So far so good. This was probably my most passive month in eve so far. The most time I spent was 6 hours was re-setting up my eighteen planets for P2- with 2 extractors, 4 basic processors, 2 advanced procesors, launchpad, storage and 6 harvester heads on each extractor. Maybe it sounds little bit like rocket science, but anybody who does this type of work will understand it -- the purpose was to get the best passive setup for 14 day cycles tested and calculated.

The trade market finished about 20 orders which I haven't had a chance to replace yet. I intend to hang on to them and make few little improvments if I get an afternoon or two in next few months. A few meta 4 items did sell for good profit, so completely happy how things with margins are working out.

I also got one of my capital ship BPOs on ME 10, and am now getting PE in place.

Parasoja's Notes:

I logged in even less than he did this month.

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