Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Indy contributor: August update

Learning all the time. Last month proved to be profitable due to a single customer -- someone bought my cynosural field generator by setting up a buy order with three more zeroes than usual, and so instead of getting it for 1.5 million ISK he bought it for 1.5 billion. About as lucky for me as winning lottery, but hey -- if you wanna win the lottery you need to buy the ticket, be it keeping 450 orders on the market for 2 years or having capital blueprints increase in market value over time due to patching. The more you learn about business, and the more things you're involved in, the more holes you can see in its systems and the more opportunities come your way.

Parasoja's notes:

My first thought was "Aww crap, it broke and I'm going to have to manually the database again."



  1. hi i know its not related to your post, but can i ask how much it cost to upgrade your capital blueprint from ME 9 to ME 10? mine cost around 2B for a revelation blueprint in a low sec facility with an index of 3. is this rate normal?

  2. In npc 0.0 you can get lower. depends on usage of facility and I dont remember prices of blueprints out of head, something in between 1.4-1.8b would be accurate. Parasoja can give you more accurate numbers tho

  3. I am summoned:

    tl;dr player-owned outposts are by far the cheapest.

    Although... I seem to recall researching a dread BPO from 9 to 10 costing about 2b in nullsec. Could be misremembering, as it was a while ago. If either of you test this, let me know.

  4. Just double checked. In NPC -0.1 with 1,36 percent usage of facility with 10 percent tax penalty I am getting price of Moros from ME 9 into 10 for 1,036,098,327 ISK. It is pretty lucky to have that low usage to be honest as this is probably the lowest price I had there for last two years but it is quite possible to get. It is counted with -5 percent research implant and length of job is 207 days with maxed skills. Hatori

  5. 2015.10.21 15:33:58 Industry Facility Tax -86,458,361 ISK 290,435,797 ISK Industry facility tax between H************** and Thukker Mix (Job ID: 278106500)
    2015.10.21 15:33:58 Researching Material Efficiency -864,583,613 ISK 376,894,158 ISK Material efficiency research job fee between H************** and Secure Commerce Commission (Job ID: 278106500)

    It actually was even cheaper than that ME from 9 to 10 was 951 mil with 207 days (5 percent implant)