Friday, October 23, 2015

"Getting back into the game maybe" update

I'm now at a point in RL where I can play eve again. This is a list of things I want to do:

1. Clean up science and industry. My low-effort iskmaking projects over the last few years have gotten me to a point where I can print isk at will, and as a result making money is no longer interesting. If there was a second level to it, like stock and bond markets, I'd be interested in those, but the game doesn't have systems to make them possible.

a. Capital manufacturing: I have a new capital spreadsheet ready to go. I'm planning to do one production run so I can make a guide, then shut down production but not sell my blueprints.

b. Research: About a year ago I started a project to see what sort of profits can be made resarching blueprints post-Crius. The blueprints are all researched, and when they finish selling I can publish the results. If I keep playing eve, this will probably be my long-term income stream.

c. Research labs. I ended up with 452 of these, which I puchased for between 30 and 32 million. I can sell them now for a profit of a few billion, or I can wait for the price to go up. Unfortunately, the price seems to be pegged to reprocessing cost because nobody uses research labs any more. I think I'll hold on to them for now, in hopes that a POS revamp will result in them either being used again or refunded for current manufacturing price.

2. Try and get back into eve.

a. Try ~solo elitepvp~.

b. Maybe try merc work again?

c. Try nullsec bigfites.

d. Maybe turn the isk printers back on and give it away for luls.

Stuff's in progress. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Looking forward to some updates, especially the production side of it. Have been following a long time and would love to see an update to the capital production guide you released years ago, among the other ISK activities you've partaken in.

  2. Any chance of getting that new capital spreadsheet?

    1. Here you go:

      (libre office calc document)

      Ship and ME are dropdowns. If you need to change component material levels or add a ship, you can do that on the 'math' sheet. You'll also want to work out your refining level -- that one is for perfect skills, a 4% implant, and an intensive refining array.

    2. Hey, guy.

      Don't use that spreadsheet. Turns out they fucked with megacyte and crokite since I made it.

      If you want to fix it, you'll have to find the 'base ore yields' section under 'math' (line 121) and adjust the quantities to what you see when you show info on bist and cro.

  3. Welcome back! This game is addicting, I am also back after 1 year hiatus. Similar worries as yours.