Friday, December 17, 2010

Running sanctums with the NC

It's pretty common for people to accuse the NC of blobbing in pvp, but what not everybody realizes is that we do a lot of other things the same way. Most of the time I earn isk plexing with just me and my alt but today I got in on an op running anomalies, where I took the below screenshot:



  1. Are you serious? Are those super caps in the anomaly? What you guy gonna do ? DD the rat? Aren't that overkill ?

  2. over kill dosen't even begin to cover it 30 man fleet is insane... 30 man fleet with half a dozen cap and super capitals is plain fing nuts

  3. Rule 37: There is no "overkill."

    But no, I be trolling. We actually used the sanctum as a humorous warpout during a tower reinforce op, though I like my version better.

  4. what is that 6th module on the low slot?

  5. Remote ECM burst. It has some chance of breaking the locks of ships within a 20 km range of whatever is being targeted. It can be useful to briefly disrupt logistics chains, but with a 10 minute cooldown it's mostly it's used for kill whoring. During that op, for example, we briefly dropped in on PL and I got on 3 T3 and 5 battleship killmails with one shot.