Saturday, April 2, 2011

DRF vs NC: CSAA save

DRF reinforced a RAGE CSAA and it came out this morning. Fortunately rage hasn't been disbanded recently, so the system's strategic index was full up and there was a cyno jammer keeping the hostile super fleet out, while we could bring in capitals via jump bridges. The fighting started before downtime and I got in fleet immediately after.

Getting in system was fun. I came through the bridge 25 km from the pos shield just as about 170 hostiles landed next to me. Unfortunately the hostile FC wasn't a complete retard, and instead of trying to take down my nyx popped two carriers that were slowboating toward the shield first. They did shoot me for a while and I got down to about 10% shield (in an armor tank) before they switched targets. A third blue carrier was pulled back from structure as the rest of our caps moved outside the pos shield and got the spider tank going.

In total we lost the two carriers, and a bunch of battleships apparently mostly before downtime. After the third carrier was saved we pretty much owned everything we could tackle. Most of the fighting was on a stargate as we bubbled a hostile fleet that jumped in, and the final score looks to be about 3:2 in our favor plus we saved the CSAA.

There are another 2 CSAA in reinforced, which we would have to screw up to not save. A couple of our outposts are also in shield reinforced, coming out in euro/US time minutes from the CSAA. We might let the outposts go to armor RF to save the CSAA.

EDIT: It looks like I got on 66 kills today. Thank you, ECM burst!

An "oh shit" moment

But I got better

Killboard -- 34b killed for 20 lost

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