Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DRF vs NC: General war update.

[02:21:51] Ezekiel Sulastin > 02:21:37 Combat Your Aurora Ominae hits Pith Usurper, doing 2786850.4 damage.

-Combat operations in tenal

Not a lot of progress one way or the other. Evoke and tri (NCdot) are attacking pure blind a little and being stonewalled by goons, who haven't been involved in the east because they suck.

(I actually love goons, but we're losing stations over here...)

In geminate, the russians bought PL for 600 billion. So far PL have rode bikes and blueballed.

tri/evoke/PL did reinforce about 10 CSAA in vale and tenal, but didn't come to fight when they left reinforced. We're saving the last one as I type this, and since there's no battle report I made a map for you.

Red: Attackers
Blue: Defenders

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