Sunday, April 24, 2011

DRF vs NC: We're fucked

Yesterday a station came out of reinforced in vale. We formed up about 700 guys and got in system first. When the station came out, hostiles jumped in 154 supercapitals.

We can't compete with that, not even close. So what happens now?

1. The NC dies. Russians take all the technetium, have infinite supercarriers and take over all of 0.0 so they can macro and RMT in peace. Eve dies.
2. The offensive stops at some point. We will keep fighting, of course, as long as we have the will; the dominion system makes taking defended sov difficult, and if we can save one timer out of 5-ish the enemy have to start over. PL's contract will end at some point (rumored to be only for geminate and vale) and it's possible the enemy offensive will run out of steam.
3. DC goes all-in on our side. I don't think even this would actually give us enough supers to go toe to toe, but it would let us offer much more resistance. Maybe even enough to stabilize the front lines.

As for me, now is the time for a partial evacuation to minimize risk exposure. Combat ships and fittings stay, of course; so does isk-making infrastructure, which I keep in one station and ensure it can fit in a carrier. Capitals other than the evacuation carrier, ships I'm not using and other high value assets all go to lowsec.

I'm doing this prematurely, mind you; but prematurely is the only appropriate time and it's as much a psychological thing as it has to do with the actual value of the assets assets. Being prepared to lose space, knowing that you can do it in a controlled manner and that you have resources to fall back on, enables you to face impending doom without losing perspective; whichever way the war goes, it goes according to plan.

What I actually suspect will happen is that the DRF will take geminate and vale, PL's contract will end and NC leadership will remove their heads from their asses and turn all that technetium into supercarriers and/or hire PL.


  1. A station came out of reinforced in VENAL? Yea, you might want to reexamine that statement.

  2. the letters are like right next to each other!

  3. 154 caps
    O rly????

  4. Ya, rly.

    There's a BR somewhere with IIRC 140-some hostile supers showing, and of course a few didn't get on any mails because blackscreen or w/e.

    Also: Supers, not caps. 154 caps would be trivial; we've been fielding full capital fleets since early 2009 during one of the tri smackdowns. I've got a screenshot of the first one somewhere.

  5. Well the thing is that the russians are organised in a more advanced society . They have workers and warriors (the renters and the core alliances) . In the NC all the people are asked to be both . Unfortunately many (i think the majority ,including me) are at core a peacefull ant and in times like these will gladly carebear with 50% tax rather that be in a stream of whelps. The real bears (like myself ) should be organised to be productive and usefull not chased in empire or ashamed to stay logoff like i was the last month.Btw I'm less that 1 year char

  6. Continued : The fleets shoud be formed with corp material ,and the taxes much higher during a sov war .That way the fleet PVP-ers will be always active ,in the right ships and with the right fit . The many noobs like me should run transports to the staging systems and provide isk not doing 0.1% dmg in a drake . In my 50 man corp some 15 people are active , the CEO and two others go to fleets , the other 4-5 who mainly PVP does it burning expensive ships in small gang actions and flying drakes in the big fleets (on the very rare ocasions they participate ) and the rest are bears like myself . At least i was in a Drake in a number of battles , from LXQ to 020 (less than 10 actions ) i'm a A guy and tend to be blown off rather quickly :( . So the answer shoud be creating bear corps with high taxes but no CTA obligations.It will be more productive than wondering why only 5% are coming to a CTA