Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DRF vs NC: Skirmishes

So far, the DRF have not made a serious push to take tribute. PL and possibly Tri (ncdot) have moved to venal, where naturally they are trying to take tech moons. The difference between now and january, is that now they can call on half the galaxy for support whenever we outnumber them.

There have been some fights, but nothing major.

Today we were trying to take down a hostile tower a blue system. It was cyno jammed, and we had capitals and supers in system and they didn't, but we were outnumbered about 3 to 1. They jumped in and our subcapitals, carriers, and supercapitals with the exception of nyxes fought them on the gate. Nyxes were stationed on the cyno jammer to rep it when the hostiles tried to take it down, and indeed one of their fleets broke off and engaged the jammer.

It dropped very slowly as our subcapitals were killed off, and as it got close to being incapped the FC ordered supercapitals to log off by stages, first a titan that he thought would be primaried when the hostiles came in, then the rest of the titans a few minutes later, then the supercarriers. In what I am convinced was half luck, half brilliance and half lag, for a total of 100% awesome and 50% not awesome but it worked out for us so that's okay, this plan actually worked, and when the jammer went down and the hostiles dropped 150 supercapitals on us, they got no supercap kills; though a wyvern had been lost to subcapitals earlier.

It would have been really spectacular if I didn't have a good idea how much luck was involved, but it was still pretty impressive.

EDIT: MM KB still broken, link removed.

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  1. NC needs to team up with the renewed SC folks and smack the DRF back down to size. They won't stop at owning half of nullsec. Pretty soon they'll be the only relevant sellers of PLEX and will set prices that make their RMT even more enticing to the eve playerbase. After the nullsec nerfs, the only upside to me no longer being able to earn enough in game currency to support the game time on 4 accounts, is that I won't be funding DRF fleets anymore.