Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DRF vs NC: Well, shit

Had a red pen today for supers and caps. Got 200 caps in fleet and an unknown number of supers logged off. Enemy had 50 titans. We stood down.



  1. You know ... you are responsible , you and your curse :)

    But ... i want to fly a carrier and no ideea where to do it safe . Maybe building one in a low class wormhole will be advisable ?

  2. Yeeaaap.

    For learning carriers I'm not sure about wormholes. My understanding is when you warp a capital to a combat site it spawns several hostiles, with more total dps than a carrier can tank outside of triage mode; also, I hear sleepers like to shoot drones; and only high-class WH have enough capacity to move the carrier out when you're done.

    I would probably try finding a WH corp that uses triage carriers, somewhere in 0.0 where you can run anomalies with one, or start by using one for personal logistics (moving ships etc, which is probably not too useful unless you live in lowsec or 0.0. Be careful, learn how to use session change timers, and be on the scanner (with probes on overview) whenever you're outside of dock range.

  3. Capital ships only spawn additional sleeper ships in C5 and C6 wormholes, FYI.