Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coalition map update

Caaaserol et. al
Green: NC+DC
Orange: Tri + coven
Pink: DRF

  • I am not actually sure the people taking space in delve/PB/querious are all blue to each other, but it seems like a reasonably assumption. PL are colored with them because I'm lazy, not because they're allied; let us say that this is a territory map.
  • PL are colored with the rest of that mess because I'm lazy. Let's say this is a territory map.
  • Imperial order are apparently attacking immensea, so I colored them with AAA.
Comments and corrections welcome.


  1. TEST as pretty much abandoned the NC, I doubt you could consider them allies anymore. Also C0NVICTED and GENTS are TEST friends. You might as well make a 5th color block. Also, let's be real. NC., EVoke, and Ewoks have thrown themselves in with DRF. They might as well be red here.

  2. Hurm, test is going to be tricky aren't they. I'm sure they're friendly with goons... we might need the situation to evolve to where the dividing lines are clear, but I'll try and work out where they stand.

    Tri/evoke have been working together for a long time, which indicates they have their own command structure and makes it hard to integrate them with another coalition. I tend to be very slow to group or split coalitions, though it certainly looks as though we're moving that direction with test.

  3. Apparently test and convicted have actually gotten involved in the defense of the north, so they'll be staying (and convicted will be added).