Friday, June 10, 2011

Ragequit and loose ends

I'm going to let my accounts lapse.

I haven't been playing for the last 3 months and I'm busy with real life. I pay for game time with isk, which means I'm wasting 1.2 billion per month, and since I'm out of 0.0 there's no need for me to stay subscribed when I'm not playing.

(before anybody other than me says ragequit, I'm not particularly rage-y. I'm a supercap pilot; I could get into any alliance in the game. I just haven't been playing)

There are still some things I'd like to do, so odds are I'll re-sub in a few months when I have time. If not, I've had a pretty good run. I've taken part in a large part of eve history, and been a part of something special with the NC. I've been in many major wars; I saw the end of the infinite war. I was in the biggest fight in eve history, and all three of the biggest supercapital fights. I took structure damage flying a nyx in combat. I've earned over a hundred billion isk.

Would have liked to fly a titan, but somebody just had to invade us before my order went through. Oh well.

Happily, when you drop an account CCP sends you a survey, one part of which asks why you quit, so I get to use this as a platform for my issues. My answer will be:

"Persistent failure to take action against reported macros, and nerfing 0.0 to fuck while ignoring things that are actually broken, like technetium and supercarriers."

Finally, readers may wish to note that the server which hosts files and screenshots on this blog has become unstable and will likely be taken offline soon. No data will be lost, but if you want to save any screenshots or files, or are hotlinking anything, now is the time to take care of it. The actual blog is hosted remotely and will remain available.


  1. "nerfing 0.0 to fuck" do elaborate. The Haven/Sanctum changes were just a slight reversal on a very large buff to null sec and still leaves it better off than it was 2 years ago. The change to jump bridges is only a minor nerf that should have limited consequences for those able to use intel channels.

  2. ...oh look, a guy who spends a lot of time roaming likes the jb nerf. Shocking >_<

    The anomaly nerf was not slight. A vast majority of player-sov 0.0 systems have high truesec (-0.2, -0.3) meaning that isk earning in most systems has been reduced significantly. And oh look, they just gave missions a huge buff so now they're worth more than anomalies, but with negligible risk. That makes sense.

    I am using inference and possibly hyperbole here, but the situation before anomalies was not okay. Many people in 0.0 had empire alts to to run missions because it was better than ratting; 0.0 is supposed to be high risk, high reward, but now with anomaly nerf, mission buff, epic arcs, FW missions (haven't investigated those but some people in my corp had alts making ridiculous amounts of money off them) wormholes and incursions it's high risk, average-to-low reward.

    The jump bridge nerf means that travel in blue 0.0 will be dangerous and time-consuming. Gates between bridges will be camped by the local piwates, and they will be sneaky.

    I know you want to prey on the carebears, but try to remember that they also have to live here (er, there). I think that more people in 0.0 is a good thing, and increasing risk significantly while making it worth less than highsec is not the way to do this.

  3. Please note that neither of those changes actually affects me, as I don't run anomalies or missions, and have carriers and cloaky T3 for safe movement. They're just dumb.

  4. As a 0.0 resident, I can verify that the nerfs have been extremely painful, and we haven't even been hit with the JB nerf yet. Supercap overproliferation has destroyed Sov warfare.

    DRF had more systems than NC before they took the north. They have now become unstoppable, as there is no effective subcap counter to 150 supercap fleets.

    Best of luck, P, have a nice break!

  5. Confirming alliances like PL and NCdot will take any supercap pilot with a pulse. Seriously, you can't state that supercaps are ubiquitous then claim you're a special flower because you have one. My point being, having a super is no longer a golden ticket into any alliance.

    But I am sorry CCP nerfed your play style. Ever consider doing something else?

  6. Sure, sure. Just because a lot of PL pilots came from razor, and I came from razor, and I can fly all their fleet setups, and there's no longer a reason for me to spy on them, and I have a moderate bone to pick with NC leadership for fucking up the war, and a fairly significant grudge against razor leadership for threatening to kick my corp when I exposed porky's macro alt....

    Sorry, I forgot where I was going with that. On a related note, though, I wouldn't touch ncdot with quite a long pole. I have some pride.

    As for doing something else, my carebear profession is actually exploration, which was buffed recently when they added the new DED plexes. There are also one or two other things I'm considering doing, just not right now.

  7. I hope to see more of your posts sooner rather than later. Have a good break from eve, but, and although I know you won't, don't drop it forever. The game will evolve into something you will enjoy in the future. It's simply the nature of this beast.