Saturday, June 25, 2011


Protests continue into their second day. Numbers dropped below system cap during russian prime, but as I type this jita has been pegged at 1600 for about 6 hours. 800 are reported in amarr, and apparently there's a titan in rens. I don't even know what that's about.


As the threadnaught approaches 300 pages and OVER 9000 posts with no reply from CCP, forum discipline has eroded and ponies have become rampant.

I've lost 5 newbie ships to smartbomb hits, been podded twice and this is the most fun I've had in eve since H-W. So 'acquire' the song Miami, by Sublime, from a sketchy russian website, put it on repeat and join in the chaos. We'll either fix this shit or burn it down, and either way it's going to be awesome.

Channel 'mass-protest'


  1. Just had a little ideea about supercaps .Let's keep them as they are but limit them to just 2 jumps per day. Two jumps (jump in , gank , jump out ) then 24 h cooldown.Could be revised down if unfeasable. This could be interesting . It limits the ubermobility they have now and make the superempires supercaps blob divided to cover multiple attacks.
    What do you think ? I'm asking becouse you know how those things work .

  2. On topic . I was there too . The bubble was awesome. And i saw the rens titan on Yt

  3. 'Prepare for unforseen consequences.'

    I'm no rear admiral Ray Butts, but off the top of my head that would have some interesting implications.

    First off, supers would all fit cloaks so that they could be used in two fights per day, rather than only in one fight and then returning to the safe system afterward. They would probably put up a safe tower in each system they jump to, to make this easier.

    On ye olde grand strategic scale, it would limit a supercapital fleet's ability to quickly project force to about one region in each direction. This would make it very difficult for a large, monolithic coalition to defend against attacks on multiple fronts, though most very large coalitions are not monolithic and have split supercapital fleets (e.g. NC was staged in east and DC in west, now DRF staged in their east and tri+evoke+PL+raiden+whatever in the west).

    On a more local scale, such as a defending super fleet staging in one region, which is being attacked by a group with fewer supers, tactics get interesting. I see subcapital combat being much more important than it is now, with the defenders holding supers in reserve as much as possible. If the attackers are better with subcapitals, then the defenders will have to drop supers to save their structures.

    If I were attacking in that situation, I would reinforce many structures, forcing the defenders to deploy supers multiple times per day so that they run out of jumps. If their supers had all run out of jumps, I could then use my own supers with impunity, and would split my supers into small groups, each of which would reinforce structures in a different system.

    If I were defending, I would drop as few supers as possible to defend each structure, so that I would have the rest to jump to subsequent fights; say I have 100 supers available, but it only takes 10 or 20 to winbutton a subcapital fight. In this case I can defend 10 to 20 structures per day. Also, if the attackers have a large enough super fleet that I need to keep most of my supers in reserve (say 70) then I would use only subcaps to defend (non-CSAA) towers, while using supers only once for each reinforced station -- it takes 5 reinforcement timers to take a station, so I could defend 2 stations per day and the enemy would have to keep 11 stations reinforced at all times in order to take 1 per 5 days. Also, before downtime supers with spare jumps would be moved to systems with structures coming out of reinforced after downtime, so that they can defend them and still have 2 jumps for that day.

  4. If I were the attacker and the defenders were dropping 10-20 supers for each structure defense, there are three tactics which spring to mind, which can be used in combination:

    One: Reinforce CSAA as much as possible. These have only one reinforce timer, and unlike moon gold towers are too valuable to let die, so the defenders will have to bring supers to every CSAA fight. Keeping these constantly reinforced will significantly reduce the number of other timers the defenders can bring supers to.
    Two: Wear them down and kill them. If the defenders are dropping 10-20 supers per fight, this will slowly reduce the number they have available. Once many of them are out of jumps, the next time they drop supers you can counter-drop them with your own supers, hoping they won't have enough available to win.
    Three: Bait. When the defenders drop 10-20 supers, counter-drop them with your own supers. This will force the defenders to counter-counter drop all their supers, so if you do this twice in one day their supers are out of jumps and you don't have to worry about the enemy super fleet for the rest of the day. Of course, the hard part will be pulling this off without losing your own super fleet.

    Fortunately this situation is predicated on you being better with subcapitals, so for tactics 2 and 3 enemy hictors won't be able to hold your supers down for long and you should be able to get them out. If I were going to try those, I would fit my subcapital fleet as hictor killers -- pulse abaddons or neut+AC pests with target painters, and huginns or lokis with webs.

  5. Ok .First I'm glad it wasn't a stupid ideea.
    I think all those scenarios are good for the game because it adds some strategical thinking that wasn't before.Also ways to screw up.In addition must be some implications for the normal caps/dreads wich are not jump counted , making them more useful.Third benefit , if the supercaps are now such a winbutton limiting it to a maximum of 2 wins /day is a ballancing act :)