Friday, June 10, 2011

DRF vs NC: Finis

So, it's over. The NC is dead. The DRF, along with PL - for whose services they can now outbid anybody else - are an unstoppable juggernaut. They control more than half of player-sov nullsec (18 of 35 regions) even if they choose not to also take the DC's space; they control all the game's technetium if they choose to take the rest; and they have more firepower than the rest of 0.0 combined.

But it's cool, keep partying about the NC being dead. I'm sure things will be so much better now.

Not that I'm bitter or anything ^^


  1. So are they going to rape us on t2 ship prices ?

    I mean, how can this be good for the Eve sandbox ?

  2. I'm pretty sure we were already doing that....


    The state of the sandbox doesn't look good. Until now there have always been multiple power blocs which couldn't completely overpower the others. Now we just have to hope the DRF leave part of 0.0 for the little people to play in. And hope for a supercapital nerf, a force projection nerf, a technetium nerf....

  3. All this does is make DRF the biggest target in all of Eve. They will not be controlling the game.

  4. Adding 800+ billion per month to their coffers isn't exactly going to decrease their supercap production. I don't imagine they would actually bother to take the rest of 0.0, and may even let the drone lands fall, but only because it's a large amount of comparatively worthless territory. They have what they want.

    DRF may have become the people to beat, but that doesn't make them any less invincible. We could hope that tri and evoke and PL and raiden will realize what they've become and turn on their masters, or that the russian alliances will splinter over political differences, but relying on long shots is not an effective strategy.