Saturday, July 30, 2011

300% profit guaranteed!!!

Check this out:

3500 AUR = 1 plex = 365 million isk

3500 AUR = 365 million isk

1000 AUR = 104 million isk

Men's 'Precision' Boots = 1000 AUR = 104 million isk

Oddly enough, although almost everything in the AUR store follows this approximation (easy version: aur/10 = isk value in millions), the boots have actually been selling for around 50 mil over the last month (they are pretty ugly...). But, check jita prices for the boots today.

Since everybody got 1000 free AUR, and since the boots are the only thing that costs 1000 or less, a lot of people got the boots and put them on the market, and suddenly there are sell orders under 15 million. If somebody were so inclined they could pick up a bunch of boots now, wait for the free AUR thing to finish and the market to equalize, and make a pretty decent profit.

Just saying. My guess is it will take a really long time for the market to equalize, since a) everybody got 1000 aur and b) aur store items seem to be fairly slow movers, but opportunities like this don't come up every minor content patch.

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