Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since I'm changing direction in eve, I'm selling off unused assets. I have started by gathering my stuff which was in empire and putting it up for sale, and at the time of writing I've sold about 3.2 billion isk worth of items and still have 2.6 billion on the market, plus a bunch on contract. That's just from empire, and some stuff I evacced from 0.0 -- an evac which was incomplete because I was hardly playing at the time. Also, it doesn't include capitals.

I'm discovering some interesting things in the process, mostly about how things can build up when it's faster to make money to buy new stuff than it is to move old stuff. I have in jita 58 units of 1400mm artillery, 30 t2 (3.1 million each) and 28 'scout' (5.3 million each). I found two battleships I haven't used since before I left highsec three years ago; dozens of battleship BPC which I was using for manufacturing in 0.0 1-1/2 years ago; and dozens of researched ammo, drone and (cheap, e.g frigate) ship BPO (npc price to anyone who wants them).

I haven't even started on items stuck in 0.0. There are a more of those.

A lot more.


  1. Can contract the ammo drones and frigate to me at npc price? In game name is Z1gy. Thanks

  2. You certainly can. I'll mail you with a contract, the list of items and their respective prices. Fair warning, they're not especially highly researched (ME20, sometimes less) and not all of them fall into those three categories (there are several module blueprints, e.g.), so you can reply with any you aren't interested in and I'll remake the contract.

  3. Could you send a list to 'downtherabbithole' as well? Also, if you have anything stuck in the south i would be interested. Appreciate it

  4. Z has accepted the contract. I don't have anything (or at least, very little) stuck in the south, just lots of stuff in the north.

  5. my corp mates interested in a carrier. PM me with more details