Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm doing now

I mentioned a few weeks back that I've gone back to empire and am changing direction in my gameplay. I've been sort of putting off posting about it since I'm still working out how the whole mess is going to work, but I guess now is as good a time as any.

Short version, instead of being 0.0 elitepeeveepee, or indeed any pvp at all (for the forseeable future), I'm going to be doing science and industry.


Fortunately, I have some pride so I won't be sitting in jita and adjusting market orders by 0.01 isk. I'm awesome, you see, so I'm going to be building capital ships, mostly in lowsec, and I'm going to be doing it from BPOs.

Here's how it's going to work:

First, I now have a personal corp for building. When building capital ships it's helpful to have more than 11 manufacturing slots, so I will have two characters in this corporation. Capitals are a 2-stage process, manufacturing capital components first and then the ship when the components are done, so all the minerals and parts will be kept in a corp hangar, and jobs will be installed on behalf of the corp and delivered to the corp hangar, which makes manufacturing with multiple characters much easier. All the lowsec manufacturing and market orders will be accomplished by the two characters in this corporation, isk will be kept in the corporation wallet, etc. And nobody else will be allowed in.

A third character, in NPC corp to avoid any possible wardecs, will be used to move minerals from jita to the lowsec building system. Moving minerals will be accomplished thusly:

First, the ships to be built will be indentified. Using the power of spreadsheets the mineral requirements for those ships will be found, then the minerals purchased. The expensive minerals will be moved directly to lowsec via jump freighter(to avoid possible ganks), but first everything that doesn't fit in the JF will be moved via freighter to a highsec system adjacent to the lowsec building system. After the jump freighter moves the high-value minerals to the lowsec building system, it will then jump via gate to the system with the low value minerals and back to the building system until all the minerals have been moved. This saves a lot of jump fuel compared with jumping from jita to lowsec repeatedly, plus I can get in two loads of minerals for each cyno cycle.

Since the third charcter will not be in my corporation, it won't be able to help build in lowsec. Instead, the third character will build freighters (and probably orcas later on) in jita, using the freighter to move minerals to a station with shorter manufacturing wait times than the 4-4 station.

So uh, that's my project at the moment. I've been afk-working on this for a couple of weeks and it's only partially set up; the situation currently is that the third character is currently the CEO and sole member of the building corp, jita manufacturing won't even start for another 10 days and the two lowsec building characters are only partially trained. I have gotten some ships built, though, and sold two carriers at 20% profit. The jerk-head who told me I was wrong about the margins on carriers when I commented about them several months ago on somebody else's blog can suck it.

My goal with this is to at least be able to pay for plex on two accounts, and I'm confident it will do so once things are up and running. It would also be nice if I could turn a decent profit beyond that, which we'll see about. If things do work out, I've identified some other business opportunities which spare liquidity can be invested in. Plus I still want a titan.

EDIT: This is my second ever post using the 'industry' tag. The first was in december of 2009.

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  1. A POS with component manufacturing array speeds up the parts builds but takes time/ISK to feed.

    Aside from that enjoy the quiet semi AFK EvE Life.