Monday, December 5, 2011

Updated blog pack statistics

Boilerplate: I don't have particular feelings about the blog pack. This post exists because checking the health of the blog pack has become sort of a tradition.

Previous statistics post here.

Now that the blog pack is under new management, let's see how things have changed.

Short version: Pretty much all the statistics look healthier. Despite eve going to shit this past year, average posts has held steady. Blogs with no pvp content, or just no content, have decreased. Blogs with no posts in the previous month have decreased.

Long version:

I've changed what data I collect a little since last time, and now I think the categories are good enough to re-use next time. Where possible I'll compare the number of blogs in a category to the number last year.

Statistic: Number of blogs (number of blogs a year ago)

Total blogs: 39

PvP content:

Indy focused: 1 (n/a) (k162space: hero indy)
Minimal or no offensive pvp: 14 (25)
Solo/lowsec/FW/pirate/wh/small gang: 21 (20)
0.0/large fleet: 3 (5)

Type of content:

Non-eve blogs: 3 (n/a) (A Ghost Blog, 5 non-eve posts to 4 eve posts; Eve A to Z, 7:3; Roc's Ramblings, 9:1)
Only news reposts and banter blogs: 0 (5)
General stuff: 33 (n/a)
Exceptional original content: 3 (n/a)

EDIT: I may have been less than rigorous about the 'reposts and banter blogs' category. May need to redo that.
  • Note: 'Exceptional original content' is a highly subjective category.
  • Note: 'Not actually an eve blog' is triggered when less than half the posts on the front page are about eve.

Posting stats:

Total posts in November: 257

Most posts in November: 50 (Jester's Trek) (Runners up: Tiger Ears, 30; Eveoganda, 25)
Average posts in November: 6.4 (6.5)
Median posts in November: 2 (n/a)

Zero posts in November: 5 (12)
One to four posts in November: 21 (16)
5-10 posts in November: 6 (n/a)
11+ posts in November: 6 (n/a)

Front page apology for not posting more: 1 (n/a)
Longest time since last post: 2 months (4 months)
Link outdated or blog no longer exists: 0 (3)


  1. Just an FYI I love your thread.
    I understand why you removed me from your blog roll (I mean I never post) but that because I'm running the IT for And I'm working on my FCing.

    Anyways I see you around brony.


  2. Squee~

    I was wondering where you had gone.