Saturday, December 31, 2011

Monthly financial report (December)

I said I thought this would be a good month, and I was semi-right. Net worth increased a lot, but monthly net profit is looking anemic. What happened?

Lots of things, actually.

Net worth increased by more than manufacturing income for the following reasons:

-Exploration, which I made a post about. This accounts for 2.4 billion isk of income.
-I added a new field in net worth for tengus, since I have three of the damn things.
-Increasing capital module prices. Many of these are trading at 25-50% over their values a month ago. Since I stock these in my building system, my net worth increased.
-Increasing freighter and jump freighter prices added about 1.1 billion isk of paper value.
-Seven ships with large margins have sold and increased my net worth, but are rolling over to next month on the spreadsheet. I estimate 1.7 billion isk of profits on them, which would bring my net profit for manufacturing to 4.8 billion.

Expenses this month included 2 plex (830 million) and a few subcapitals (~600 million).

I predict next month will be average. It should be above average since so many ships are rolling over from this month, but something has also gone horribly wrong with my manufacturing process. More on this in a few days.

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