Saturday, May 26, 2012

Capital manufacturing update

Process 1:

(the one that's already running, in forge)

This is ticking along just fine, aside from some product that doesn't want to move lately (phoenixes and naglfars). The additional component blueprints which I have been researching for this process are finishing in the next month or two, which should eliminate the component bottleneck that I'm experiencing right now.

Once that's finished I should have some spare capacity, and plan to add some new ship blueprints -- a third rorqual and second moros for certain, followed by a second thanatos, archon and possibly nidhoggur. In the long term the goal would be to balance my blueprints so that nearly all my manufacturing slots are in use at all times.

Process A:

(the one that I'm starting up in domain)

There are still months to go before I install the first runs for this one. Currently I have at least one of each component blueprint (though I am 7 component blueprints short of the set I'm working toward with process 1) and am in the process of acquiring ship blueprints. Currently I have two each of rorqual and thanatos, and one each of chimera, naglfar, and revelation, all of which are in research. The reason for the second thanatos blueprint is that I intend for process A to get up to speed much faster than process 1 did, since I now know what to expect.

Something else that I'm looking into for the non-immediate future - say, a time when I have spare liquidity that isn't earmarked for blueprints - is expanding my mineral buffer to a point where I'm keeping minerals for three runs of each ship blueprint in production, instead of two. Right now I'm keeping a two-run buffer on the theory that I'll get to build the components for the next hull while the current hull is in production, but in practice this has turned out to be a bumpy process because I wait for 4 ships to finish before buying a run of minerals, and components can fall out of production in the meantime. Efficiency is pretty good now, but by expanding my buffer I can increase it further while simultaneously decreasing the pain-in-the-ass factor.


  1. I really like your posts.

    I run a 1 man operation out of amarr space with no alts at all. I currently only have a moros and a rev bpo (in research) so I only produce off the moros, and even that has been moving slow and a lot of people undercutting.

    I would love to get to the point of having 2-3 dreads worth of minerals stocked up as buffer and keep my lines going 24/7 but at the moment this just is not possible.

    Anyways, nice blog I enjoy reading it.

    1. That's interesting. Dread sales have been slow in forge lately, too. I attributed this to the north getting all lovey-dovey, and was thinking that the amarr market would be on the upswing because of the action in delve.

      If moros are selling too slowly, I may have to rethink my plan to build on 2 moros prints.