Monday, July 2, 2012

June monthly financial report

Buying researched ship blueprints, along with the standard background plex and a character transfer, ate nearly all my profits this month. Other than that there's not much new or interesting. I did move some things around in the 'net worth' columns, most notably moving my supercarrier BPO from the 'ship bpo 1' category to a new 'research ships' category. This means that the ship and component bpo 1 and A categories contain only the value of blueprints which actually have some bearing on production.

Two manufacturing runs are stuck long-term while I wait for naglfar prices to recover -- during the big capital ship price spike they were the last dread to come back down, and during the time where they appeared to be by far the most profitable dread, more people than the normal me-and-one-other-guy-in-the-entire-game built them. Now the market is flooded.

Without further ado:


  1. I'm always impressed by clean and organized your reporting looks.

    Everytime I start trying to do the same it doesn't take me 10 minutes until my spreadsheet is unreadable.

  2. Mysterious disappearing comment!

    The secret is twofold:

    First, copy somebody else who has a spreadsheet you like the look of.

    Second, instead of trying to make the whole thing look good, extract the important parts and put them in a special shiny formatted area to publish, while hiding the rest of the spastic mess from the world.

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