Wednesday, July 25, 2012

By the way, I totally take orders for capital ships

I get them every so often from friends, and it occurred to me that I might want to, you know, advertise. I love getting orders, because they give me a quick sale instead of having a hull sit on the market.

If you order a capital ship from me, you get the following:

  • A hull for the price of the lowest sell order on the forge market at the time the contract is made, minus 1.36%.
  • Any mods and fuel you want, delivered to the building system for jita price.
  • An itemized receipt.

I currently build rorquals, moros, revelations, and all carriers. To place an order, eve-mail character "ispia jaydrath" with the hull you want and a list of any mods or fuel you would like. All ships will be delivered in otanuomi, in northeast forge. Time from order to delivery will usually be less than 10 days.


  1. While I'm half year from actually flying it, your capital ship factory is definitely a great idea, worth supporting so I'll get myself a carrier (still thinking about the type), will contact you in game.

    1. Ta. One thing to consider, if you're thinking six months out, is the possibility of mineral prices dropping after the mining barge changes. I don't see pre-inferno prices happening or anything, but it may be possible to save a few hundred mil by waiting.

  2. Noted for some future endeavor, will also ask if anyone on the corp want any Capital ship.