Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July monthly financial report

This month the seven billion isk which disappeared from my net worth when I reprocessed the phoenixes came back. Otherwise, nothing interesting happened.


  1. How do you make so much ISK!! Tell me haha

    1. Well, all my meaningful income sources for july are on the report.

      Starting out I made quite a bit from exploration, and used that to get manufacturing started.

    2. Yeh I only have 1.7b saved but I have no idea where to start as im in 0•0..

    3. When I was in 0.0 I made all my isk by grinding... exploration is profitable. That got me enough isk that when I left null, I could invest it in things that are less grind-y.

      If you were able to get yourself up to 7 bil for a jump freighter, and if you know how not to lose it, you might try stocking the market where you live. Supposed to be large markups in that.