Sunday, March 10, 2013

An post about the blueprint price increase

Prices have settled down, and it looks like almost all capital hull and component blueprints have increased in price by 11.15%. The exception to this is the rorqual, which barely changed at all. Because the rorqual price increase was small, my estimate that my net worth had increased by 21 billion isk was slightly high; the actual figure is 18.49.

Of course, at the same time that happened I have also had 7 naglfars worth of isk disappear from my balance sheet when I reprocessed them for components. That isk will reappear in a month or so when the runs built from those components finish selling, so the large gain on my financial report will show up probably next month.


  1. Another interesting thing is that the Orca BPO can now be bought in high-sec for the same price as in Outer Ring. There used to be a 100 million difference between the two NPC prices.

  2. Hello Parasoja,

    with great pleasure I have been reading up on your blog and have found it very informative with a dash of nerdishness put in the mix for measure (to clarify, i find that a good thing)

    I do not pretend to understand everything in here quite yet but i am going to keep at it even if its just for fun.

    Thank you for being a boss and taking time to keep this blog going, chapeau!