Saturday, June 1, 2013

May monthly financial report: One-third trillion edition.

Monthly net profit is substantially higher than change in net worth for Reasons, and also monthly net profit is very high for Reasons. It's been a weird few months for that, but things should get back to normal starting next month.

Also this month my net worth broke one third of a trillion isk, a ~mere~ 7 months after reaching a quarter-trillion. I still plan to spend a bit on big-ticket items, but if I decide to get into trade that plan may be delayed until after 400 billion or so.


  1. "Hi my name is parasoja and i can buy 3 fitted titans right now and have a couple tens of billions left over nbd"

  2. I think there is a problem with run 115 calculation....

    1. Looks fine to me.

      The outlay is low because I used components from reprocessed ship which were (at the time I bought them) selling for below mineral price. The isk I spent on those disappeared from my spreadsheet when I bought them, and now is coming back in the form of low outlay prices.