Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trade: Syndicate pilot project, week two

With a little more data the monthly average profit came up to 0.75 billion and stuck there, so unless it changes much in the next week I'm going to call that the correct number and stop tracking it.

The question now is how much time I have to spend per month to keep it going. It might take a few months to get a feel for this.

Also, I updated my stocking tool to show how many of each item it's set to want in addition to how many I'm short by. The goal of this is to avoid restocking items which are nowhere near being sold out, which will substantially reduce the amount of time I spend buying items and recreating orders.


  1. How much have you invested into this project?

    It's hard to say if 0.75 billion / Month is good or bad without knowing how much you put into it :)


      It's shit return for real trading, of course, but I'm more interested in low effort than maximum profits.