Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another devblog

Keep it up guys. The more obfuscated crap you add to a game the better it is.


  1. I am not a big fan of the change myself but I think that it will be wiser to wait till fanfest and release of all devblogs before going full rage. The dev themselves seem to say that the change will be modified if we give them enough good argument. And with the team thinghy (or what i hope it to be) maybe you could use your huge capital of bpo/isk to offload the repetitive task and make as much isk with as much effort than now. Oh and patch speculation = substantial increase in capital that will somewhat reduce the lost incurred by the lost value encountered by my bpos i hope it will be the same for you (although i doubt you could do that without crashing the market ^^)

  2. Mm. This change isn't really good or bad as far as I can tell, it's just very complicated and very pointless. What does it accomplish? Some people have to find a new system for no good reason, and anybody who wants to get the best possible margins has to haul their shit a dozen jumps to and from a no-fee station. Nobody benefits, and everybody pays the price.

    I suspect that "teams" will be modifiers to production jobs, similar to decryptors for invention, but that's idle speculation.

    There is some patch speculation that can be done, and I'm working on a few things myself, but I would suspect the gains will be relatively minor.

  3. You seem mad.

    Can I haz your stuff?

    1. Not yet.

      I'm not mad exactly - I still have entirely too much money to care overly much about whether or not I'm still making any - but I am thinking of quitting industry. I'm toward the end of a three-year-itch cycle, and odds are I'll never get around to refactoring everything to work with the new system. It's the difference between doing something new while farming zero-effort isk, and doing something new while burning through my savings.

      Burning through my savings very, very slowly. Even with prices up 40% I can plex both my accounts for 25 years.

    2. My comment wasn't directed at you...
      But good reply none the less!

      Industry is about to get VERY interesting to say the least. The new teams devblog leaves me thinking "Oh crap... I think I'll leave this to someone else" as well.

  4. This new devblog is the worse. Makes optimizing stuff extremely hard. Too many variables. If 3rd party tools want to reproduce the pricing than new API has to be added. Making life for hard core industrialist even harder! Its true that the new UI looks great and is good for new players. (FFS the ui tells you how much money you will make by manfucturing!)
    I think they should have just changed the UI and made small changes to pricing if they really want to buff 0.0 production. But this new pricing stuff is way to complicated and totally useless! It feels to me that some dev had waaaay to much time and go waaay to creative!

  5. Looks like CCP is trying to make you win eve . I'm pretty mad too because of the Rattlesnake meh buff . It's a good buff but not for me - and looks for lots of others too, the price raised only a meh 75mils .