Monday, April 28, 2014

Okay, let's do this



 Having slots available for everybody may well just straight up sink the research market.


Copy time now equals build time, which means my 67.5 billion isk ragnarok blueprint will produce no profits. Oh, and since everybody who copies them will be looking to sell theirs, it's now nyx-BPO-level toxic. We already knew this, but I feel like it bears repeating.


There are now 10 levels of these. Each level grants the same bonus (1% for ME, 2% for PE), but the time increases logrithmically with each level. Researching level 9 to level 10 takes 2500 times longer than level 0 to level 1.

EDIT: I was wrong about research times for component blueprints. If the market survives they might still be viable.

Under the "converting old blueprints to new blueprints" section, we see that in order to become ME10 under the new system, blueprints must be ME10 under the old system. This means that all my optimal capital ship blueprints are now ME9, except for the thanatos. And, oh, by the way, it takes 4 years to research a capital blueprint to ME10.


I'll be lucky to make zero profit on 200 billion isk of my current investments.

tl;dr tl;dr ccp makes changes to my activities in eve


  1. While your researching business is definitely dead, wouldn't existing component & capital BPOs heavily increase in value given that to make new ones now take much longer time?

    (I only skimmed the devblog)

    1. I may actually have been wrong about that because I misrecalled the number of hours it takes to research a component blueprint. Now looking at 60 days for optimal ME and PE, which could work. Though, just there being enough research slots for everyone may well sink the entire market.

    2. Fake edit: Except for level 10, capital BPO still take a similar amount of time to research to a similar level. Optimal prints will be very rare indeed, since only thanatos get researched to level 10, but getting capital prints to 9 will only take a little more time than it used to take to get them to optimal.

  2. Read the blog yesterday evening and was shocked... All seems confusing as ****.
    So, its currently absolutely not worth ME researching anything above ME10, as these BPOs will automatically convert to optimal ME BPOs? ie: All capital component research in works should scratched?
    A good opportunity would be to buy capital component BPOs right now and research them to ME10 and TE20 (not sure about TE). When the patch hits these will be converted to optimal BPOs. This will definitely sink the market. No?
    Btw, when exactly is the patch out? And does it have a name yet?

    1. Yup, looks like 10/10 is where it's at. Find something you can research to 10/10 quickly now but which will take a long time after the patch and go nuts. Might take a while before you can unload, though, since everybody else will be doing the same thing.

      No idea when it's supposed to hit.