Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trade contributor: July 2014 report

This month I had a competitor on the station, trying to undercut me on about half my sell orders. I've already re-priced my modules twice, and I suspect it won't be too hard to win once I decrease my profits enough. I don't think he can sustain this for long -- I have sources for making a profit even when module prices are low, while he seems to have logistics problems, either using blockade runners or chartering Black Frog. Once he stops making money the price war will be pointless for him, same as the ones I've met before. Just another parasite to squish.

Parasoja's Notes:

A monthly profit of 2.6% on an investment of 50b sounds small, and it is. Thing is it's a long term investment. When I abandoned my trade project I just left my stuff on the market -- and almost all of it sold eventually

Black frog moves a maximum of 5b at a time, and charges 4-16% of a freight contract's collateral. If a trader uses them, their profit margins will be reduced by that much.

Any questions for the contributor can be left in comments.

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  1. Hey, contributor here, I just wanted to let you know guys I can answer your questions- I am big fan of Parasoja`s projects for last few years already, and this is just the thing I ended up doing after the years of playing- funny thing is I never actually was into marketing, nor into trading - believe it or not I was rather closer to building supercapitals few years ago or contributing sovereignty wars in 0.0- anything else than this. Anyways, you never know where you end up- nothing is impossible in this game. And yes, Parasoja here is Superhero, at least in my eyes : )