Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trade contributor: Introduction

About a month ago somebody approached me about a trade project he was running, wanting to share his numbers while remaining anonymous for ~opsec~ reasons.

Similar to my own project from way back, he's running an NPC nullsec market hub to supply primarily the local pvp types. The goal of this sort of thing is to achieve good margins with extremely low effort, and the tradeoff is that actual monthly volume is pretty low. In contrast to my project he's gone much bigger: He stocks at least twice as many item types (300ish), and many more of those items, keeping a total of about 70b (50ish at Jita price) on the market. He has also refined the process by establishing rules about not buying things that are selling above average in Jita, and overstocking things that are selling substantially below average.

The contributor has given me the API keys of his market characters, and will be available to answer questions. My role is to use the API keys to work out how much he's making and to maek post. I've sorted out a trade tool which, while imprecise, seems to be more or less working, so we should have some data for you shortly.

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