Monday, August 11, 2014

What happens to industry jobs when the station they're in gets conquored?

Anybody know? I'm looking at starting up research again, and the answer to this question has impressively dire implications. When I unrented an office recently it said that any jobs installed from that office would fail and be delivered to impound, rather than completing first. An ownership change presumably unrents offices, same as it revokes clone contracts, and according to evelopedia items in impound are undeliverable if the new owners don't allow you to rent offices there.

Research costs real money now, so if jobs from personal hangars also fail, that's pretty bad for me. If the blueprints are then delivered to impound, that's very, very bad for me. So if anybody has an answer to this, please share.

Alternatively, if anybody knows somebody who owns a station and who would be willing to experiment, we should be able to test this just by playing with standings.


  1. can always try it out on the test server.

  2. A station that gets conquered does NOT unrent offices. The new landlord can lock you out of the station with standings and can raise the rent to an astronomical level to force you to give it up but the office is yours as long as you make the payment demanded. Many times when in a situation where an invader came in and conquered a station my corp had to leave some jump clones there to evac corp assets after -- assets held in the corp hanger. It was a one way trip .. JC in, get in the ship, undock and pray with a mad dash out of the system. We only did this for anything that was left by accident and was worth the attempt. Your office stays rented as long as the rent is paid ... they can't evict.

    1. Huh. Well, awesome. Thanks!

    2. Well they can force you out by disallowing to extend the lease. But as long as you have already paid your rent, you have your office.
      So just pay the rent shortly before a station gets conquered manually and have your office for at least a month. And a month is max research anyhow except for capitals.

    3. I believe that the new owner may at his discretion cancel all active industry jobs. I remember a few years ago having had an orca production halted as the slots were needed for alliance work. I believe if this happens all is refunded though.