Monday, November 10, 2014

Apparently it's important to have ME10 on capital blueprints

Somebody poked me and got me to look at the numbers, and now I'm - maybe - getting back into capital manufacturing.

Thing is, though, I was working on the new spreadsheet and compared minerals required for three ME9 blueprints - archon, chimera, nidhoggur - to the minerals required for those same blueprints with optimal ME on my old spreadsheet. The difference was 10%.

That seemed horribly wrong. So I compared everything and found there were two reasons for it.

First, carriers post-crius use slightly more components.

Second, ME10 now makes a huge difference. Under the old system, the last material level would save you one or two components. Under Crius, every component the ship uses 8-10 of at perfect ME it uses one more of at ME9, which in an archon is half the components. In ships that use more components, like dreadnaughts, the ME10 effect is smaller but still significant, as you can see below.


  1. Well I think It's something good you didn't run to sell your components :3

  2. Quick question, in your opinion does the increase in margin make up for the very long research time in order to reach ME 10?

    1. Mmm... no. The last material level saves you about 50m in both cases, which at today's prices reduces your profits on the archon by 20% and the nag by 8%. It would be completely reasonable to build at ME9 at this time.

      However, it is still something you want in the long term. If I were starting production now, I would build on prints at ME9 (or even 8), and start researching a second set to 10.

    2. That is a very good point! Thanks!