Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New spreadsheet: Done

It's a lot simpler than the last one, at least from a user's perspective. Behind the scenes it's all pulling prices from eve-central and being like =IF(OR(B$54=" ",B$55=" "),0,(ROUNDUP((1-B$55/100)*HLOOKUP(B$54,$B$31:$Z$51,2,0))))

With that done, now I have to wait for my refining skills for those ores to all be level 5 before I can build anything. That's 25 days out.


  1. Will you also share this spreadsheet?

    1. Yeah. Before I can share it, though, I have to do a run of hulls to make sure it's actually correct.

  2. Anon, your post was spam filtered but here's the spreadsheet:

    The core of the ore thing can be found between Math:A121 and Math:I150