Monday, June 21, 2010

Tanking the 180,000 damage torpedo with subcaps

A 180,000 EM damage citadel torpedo from an NPC outpost will hit a ship with 95% EM resist and a signature radius of 130 for 750 damage when stationary, and 190 damage when traveling 50 m/s; and if somebody had bothered to post these numbers before now I would have gotten into these plexes much earlier.

I was doing dread guristas fleet staging post today and the final stage escalated to cobalt edge. While I would normally ninja a carrier into enemy territory, cobalt edge is way out of jump range. This made things... challenging. I've been working on some fits to run the maze, but until now it's all been theory and EFT warrior stuff. What's more, the outpost in DG fleet staging point is much worse because it spawns energy neutralizing sentries and repairs itself.

EDIT: The outpost in the maze is actually identical to the DG fleet staging outpost, including repairing itself, but the spawns are different.

The broadsword fit I ended up using had no armor plates and a single passive (because of the neuts) armor EM resist mod, but 3 passive kinetic armor resist mods. This worked out pretty well; although the outpost could hit for about 1/3 armor when the broadsword was stationary, my repping oneiros would take it back to full armor in one cycle. Meanwhile, a third character in a DPS raven did the actual damage; we had about 970 DPS total, which should have been enough, but the outpost has some sort of anti-missile defence which significantly reduced incoming DPS. Fortunately most of its self-repair is in armor, and the armor buffer is only about 10,000; if 3 consecutive volleys from the raven made it through, the outpost took significant structure damage.

The drops weren't great - only 447 million - but the lessons learned will make me hilarous amounts of isk in the future.

The broadsword fit I used. I would replace the trimarks with thermal resists rigs, but none were available nearby. The tracking computers increase falloff on the autocannons so that it does more damage at range.

EDIT: Removed an ishtar fitting I was thinking about using for the maze because it would have resulted in dying horribly as flameburst light missiles blotted out the sun.

EDIT: Fail title fixed, 180k is the volley damage. It fires once every 30 seconds, so 6000 DPS.

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