Sunday, June 6, 2010

Video: Flying a titan in combat

Just like it says. This is from the viewpoint of an NC titan pilot during the h-w fight. Battlereport here, teamspeak recording here.

Is that awesome? Yeah, that's awesome. My new goal is to fly one.

Also, this is my last item of war media spam. Rejoice, damn you, rejoice!

AVI, 1200 MB

EDIT 1/2012: This post has the content tag because I appear in the video ^^


  1. That's too bad. The SC and some allies are still giving grief in areas of the NC. Doesn't look to be over yet.

  2. -A- and Atlas have gone home and reset IT, IT has gone home but not made an announcement about it. Nobody is trying to take stations and the NC is back to farming IRC CSAAs for luls; it looks over to me. Any real attack at this point would be a new offensive.

    DOOM and the standard small stuff (CH, WN, evoke) are still doing their thing, but roams and subcap fights do not a war make.