Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In which we accidentally our whole supercap fleet

I wasn't there so unfortunately I can't give a first-hand account, but what I'm hearing is that we formed up a supercap > * fleet and headed out to destroy a Rebellion Alliance pos, failed to load grid and lost at least 6 titans, possibly as many as 10.

EDIT: The final count appears to be 6.

One might recall that I postulated dominion lag would be the deciding factor in max 2. I was wrong about that, but mainly because there were never big capital/super fights. What happened today was classic y-2, with titans staying in system long after their 15 minute logoffski timer would have run out. According to forums several of them actually jumped out safely, got to a safe pos in another system, took screenshots and then died. We can hope that might be enough for CCP to adjust their stance on fleet fight reimbursements, though I won't be holding my breath.

EDIT: Better battlereport.

There's actually a coalition-wide ban on posting about this, but this isn't a forum and I hope I'm not providing too many tears; lag kills are just a fact of life.

Anyway. We're off our isk-making break for what sounds like short-term combat ops, so I may have some fights to write about over the next few days.

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    MM and RZR confirms that 90% of their super cap/cap fleet has been returned via petitions.