Thursday, June 3, 2010

Video: Armor logistics in action

This is PL's Armor Theory video, demonstrating armor logistics in a HAC and heavy dictor gang. This video goes with this post, in which we were batphoned by PL to help kill some russian supercarriers.

If you want to see A-team logistics in action, this is it. PL spent months developing their strategy and now their logi/HAC gangs are the envy of every alliance in new eden. While watching you might note that dictors cannot be remote repped while their bubble is active. To get around this PL alternates dictors, having one bubble for one cycle then get repped while another bubbles. Dictors get primaried as soon as they bubble and a few are lost, but it seems to work reasonably well. Another item of interest is that the pilot overheats his highs at one point to save a command ship, which was probably running armor links for the gang.

Also, this is the first eve video I appear in.

Eve files link
MKV, 166 MB, 8:10

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