Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exploration site guides: Guristas Fortress

Guristas fortress is one of the easiest and least valuable 0.0 guristas plex. It contains elite cruisers with significant ECM capabilities, but no particular obstacles or complications.

Running the site:

The first room is accessed through an acceleration gate and contains four groups of rats. The first will aggress on warpin, the rest by proximity.

Group 1:

Three elite frigates
Four battlecruisers

Group 2:

Four elite frigates
Three elite cruisers

Group 3:

5 cruisers and elite cruisers (randomized)
3 battleships

Group 4:

Three battlecruisers
Three battleships

As you kill the rats, three frigates will spawn. Once all the rats are dead, you may use the acceleration gate.

The second room contains two groups of enemies. The first will aggress on warpin, the second by proximity.

Group 1:

3 cruise missile batteries
3 stasis towers

Group 2:

1 cruiser
3 frigates
3 elite frigates, which may warp scramble
2 battlecruisers
3 elite cruisers
4 battleships

Destroying the cruiser may result in a faction spawn appearing. Killing the faction spawn may cause an escalation.

  • NOTE: To the left of the station ruins are 4 cuboid structures named 'guristas bunker'. If there is no faction spawn, KILL THESE and there may still be an escalation.


Times run: 30
Chance of faction spawn: 50%
Chance of escalation: 33.33%
Average isk value of drops: 19 million


  1. Nice guide! Any tips on finding 10/10s while you are at it?

  2. Not really -- they appear at random, like every other site. Occasionally anomalies (generally sanctums) will escalate to 10/10, but not on a regular basis from what I hear.