Thursday, September 23, 2010

Titan or nyx: The answer

I have now posted a more general comparison of supercarriers and titans.


See you tomorrow!

Okay though, it's like this: Titans are expensive, it would take a long time to get in one and the NC is desparately short on supercarriers should we be attacked by a coalition of the russians and our various longtime enemies. Then I finally found a builder who can deliver a nyx in a reasonable timeframe and for a reasonable price. I had enough isk on hand for the hull and part of the fitting, so I spent a few days carebearing it up to get the rest. Now I'm just waiting on skills and the hull.

A fairly standard fit

Is expensive


  1. Welcome to the club! Gonna post your setup?

  2. Won't actually get the hull until november but it's still at lot faster than alliance builders. I'll add the fit to the post -- rzr has an alliance fit, which is what I'll be using, plus a few mods in cargo that I can reconfigure with for various situations -- sensor booster, capital remote hull repper, probably a second armor and shield remote rep.