Saturday, September 4, 2010

General situation update

Cobalt Edge:
The campaign here seems to be over, probably because of distractions in Pure Blind. I haven't seen any fleets for this area recently.

The ME and RAGE campaign continues. No more stations have been taken, but there have been several fights. Apparently the focus is still on non-station systems.

Pure Blind:
Tri has been taking technetium moons in the Pure Blind area, and over the last few days we have reinforced a number of their POS. IT has started a campaign south of there against Tri allies Ev0ke over some moons in lowsec. IT also dropped some SBU in an FCON system, but didn't follow up. There has been speculation they might start a new campaign against the NC, but I'm not aware of any real evidence for this.

Another pos bash

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