Sunday, September 19, 2010


Low intensity warfare continues in pure blind. The focus seems to be mainly on technetium moons, with no serious threats to sov that I have been made aware of. Tri have apparently been grinding our towers steadily, prompting regular capital ops to clear them out. I always hope they'll get sloppy with their supers and I'll finally get to lock one, but they've been suitably cautious; so have we, bringing overwhelming numbers of capitals when possible and standing down when our numbers are small enough to be taken out by a dozen or so supercarriers. Overall I would describe the PB/CR conflict as boring and tedious, but at least grinding towers gives me killmails.

An annoying development over the past few months is that dreads rarely siege any more. I'm not sure precisely why capital fleets have more damage now, since moms can't hit towers and titans only do as much damage as 2-3 dreads, but these days tower kill ops rarely result in burning any strontium. On reinforce ops sometimes the FC will have us siege though, just so we can kill a few pos mods and get killmails as a reward for coming out.

See what I have to put up with

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