Monday, April 4, 2011

Even more searches which brought people here

"tengu fit with lasers"

I don't have anything to say about this, I just wanted the world to know that someone actually had this thought.

"eve ragnarok implant use"

For a shield titan you'll use a 5% cap recharge implant and a 5% shield implant (unless you can get the new 6% implants). For slots 1-5 you'll probably want mobility implants, either align time (nomad) or speed (snake).

"where can i set a nyx bpo to research"

Their natural habitat is Gallente space, but you're better off finding them in jita. So many people got them after dominion that the BPC are worthless now, and researched BPO are being sold on contracts for NPC price.

"why does PL hotdrop"

My theory is that they like killing things.

"mining with a gallente mothership"

Kill yourself.

"eve can a super carrier be insured?"


"eve how good is a nyx"

Pretty good.

"eve ccp dreads now shit?"


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