Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exploration site guides: Guristas Military Operations Complex

Guristas Military Operations Complex is the 7/10 guristas DED site, one of two guristas sites which were added with incursion 1.4. I've only run it once -- the guide will be updated eventually once I've gathered statistics. It appears to be easy and fairly valuable.

The site consists of five essentially identical rooms, connected by acceleration gates. Each room contains the same numbers and types of NPCs, give or take -- 10 each of frigates, battlecruisers and battleships. All enemies aggress on warpin.

In addition to the standard NPCs, the third room contains a dread guristas cruiser, the fourth room contains a dread guristas battleship, and the 5th room contains a "dread guristas commanding officer" and a stasis tower. The dread guristas commanding officer is an overseer rather than a faction spawn, and drops 20th tier overseer effects worth 61 million. Presumably he can also drop deadspace loot (probably pith c-type) and dread guristas loot, though he didn't do so on my first run.

  • NOTE: GMOC contains no elite cruisers or elite frigates, so target jamming is minimal.
  • NOTE: The overseer has a moderate tank of around 3-400 DPS, a large buffer and is immune to electronic warfare including target painters.

Room 3

Room 5


  1. dread guristas commanding officer has t2 salvage

  2. Really? ...interesting. In the wreck, or when you salvage him?

  3. Gurista Exterminators will occasionally pop off a jam on you just fyi, only happened to me a few times on my second run through.

  4. Oh, yeah. And sometimes DG can jam too. That part has been fixed.